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About Us

A little bit about Adrian's Continental Small Goods

Adrian’s Continental Smallgoods was established in 1998 and has been producing European Traditional Smallgoods for discerning connoisseurs in the Perth Community.

Owner Paul Marinovich took the helm of the business in 2008, implementing a new direction and vision to offer a wider selection in our product range including Free-Range Pork, new products made with German and Swiss style production methods, Award-winning innovative fresh sausage lines, and the use of traditional European recipes.

Paul Marinovich who worked for his parents business for 23 years, has a wealth of experience in the art of smallgoods making.

Paul learned from German, Swiss, Croatian and Serbian masters over the period and travelled around the world on tours with the Australian Meat Industry and visited trade fairs in Europe.

Adrian’s Continental Smallgoods has a reputation for consistency of product and flavours and our reputation has increased due to winning several local and national awards, and through word-of-mouth from our satisfied customers.

We use the finest quality ingredients sourced locally from W.A. and use imported German Beech wood in our smokehouse to give our products a distinctive traditional aroma, and of course beautiful taste!

Serving some of Perth’s finest food purveyors who demand quality traditional smallgoods including Gourmet Butchers and Delicatessens, Wholesale Food Distributors, Wineries and Sausage Stalls. Our Retail Shop is open to the public and offers a huge range of gourmet smallgoods, sausages, fresh meats, imported European condiments and fresh daily German Rye Bread and Kaiser Rolls from the Little Home Bakery.

Paul’s Inspiration

When I was 6 years old, my father started a little butcher shop in a fibro block of shops. I can never forget the delicious aroma of the shop – I could still smell it clinging to Dad’s clothes when he came home each night – the mix of pine smoke, spices, cooked ham and bacon. I used to watch my Mum serving customers while Dad made the Gourmet European sausages – products like Cevapcici, Kranski, Krakawurst and German Frankfurts. I remember the smiles on the customer’s faces in that shop when they would try a sample and then buy their meat and the smallgoods that my Dad had made.

In my first year of school I dressed up as a Butcher for every single ‘Fancy Dress Day’ – I would walk to school dressed in a Butcher’s apron, coat and big wellington boots, with a two metre length of cocktail frankfurts wrapped around my neck and arms!! Even at six years of age I knew what I truly wanted to be when I grew up – the best Butcher / Smallgoodsman in Australia!!

School holidays were always spent helping Mum and Dad at the Butcher shop. I would wash tubs, mincer plates, and display trays. My favourite job was to help Dad mix the sausage meat by hand and then link the sausages. It was hard work but I remember how much I loved it.

Two apprenticeships later and I am qualified in the Trade of General Butchering and the youngest qualified Continental Smallgoods maker in Australia. I am a four time State Champion Sausage maker, and a National Award winning Sausage maker – crowned Sausage King of Australia. I am good at what I do and take great pride in my trade. I am an innovator in taste sensations and I am driven by the challenge of the products I have yet to create.

The passion continues!